Monday, August 27, 2007

Deer Sauce

It is nearing sunset. I am looking east out over the field glowing in the evening light, and I see the first signs of changing color in the hedgerow. What in midsummer is a mass of green, is tonight a revelation of individuality as invasive vines that cover tree trunks are just now giving way to yellow. The swallows, as if on cue, have begun their swooping “bug dance” down the length of the field. It is a wonderful time of day.

I have just finished my evening Bobbex ritual at the south end of the garden. Twice now the deer have come in and “had their way” with my tomatoes. I never once thought this fence of mine would keep deer out … in fact the only animals I think it DOES keep out are skunks. But for years now the deer have politely CHOSEN not to enter my garden. And I have appreciated that. Perhaps the smell of this year’s bounty is too much for them. Or maybe they powwow and say, ”She’s got enough this year. Help yourselves.”

So I went in after the last deer rampage and gathered all the partially eaten fruit and immediately began a sauce with it. I am running out for room in my freezer from all the “deer sauce.”

Today was a perfect day on many counts. First, if I were still teaching, I would have ended up inside of school building instead of in the great outdoors. Thirty years working inside of a fluorescent box with no windows took its toll on my spirit. Second, I went to the beach where the water was tolerable, the air dry and the sunshine plentiful. Third, I had a BLT for lunch. OMG! Is there anything better on the planet? I think not.

And to those of you who “teach the children” and chose to get in the harness today for another school year. I say thank you. You are among the precious few who can say about what you do each day that “your work is your love made visible.”

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Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

just found your blog through a link; I will add your link to my blog; I really like what I see here; I can identify with the deer; we made a "stick fence to keep ours out this year but couldn't outfox the ground hogs. Grrr!