Sunday, October 28, 2007

A New Leaf

We have had three, nearly four days of long, slow, soaking rain here in the mid-Atlantic. As I was returning home from the subway I saw this tree with golden leaves that looked like the leaves of a BoTree minus the little spike on the tip. [ I had first been introduced to ficus religiosa when I visited the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens near Sarasota Florida.] I, who have been living in the land of oaks, maples, sassafras and birch, was puzzled by this new leaf. I filed it away, not willing to do a bark inspection in the pouring rain. Then yesterday as I was taking my morning walk, I came upon the same leaf yet again. Only THIS time I knew what the tree was because I know it in the springtime.Want to guess the name of the tree this leaf belongs to?


Rose said...

I've no idea what tree that leaf belongs to. It probably doesn't grow in the midwest though.

carletongardener said...

Well when you said you know it in the springtime, that was a good hint. I'll guess its a redbud. I'll have to watch for these leaves too, because its not one I'm used. Am I right?

Leslie said...

Yes! It is a redbud. Now I am seeing them EVERYWHERE. Skippy knows his trees.