Friday, June 27, 2008

OLS Week #4 ~ Enlisting the house guests

I have found it difficult recently to fit in an OLS meal with all the guests who have been coming through. So this week I decided I would ENLIST my house guests in the process. Using left over lobster from our meal out the night before, we decided to pull together a grand lobster meat salad from local ingredients.

So off on our bikes we went to the local farmer's market. We walked the length of the market to see who had what. Ethel Sherman had the tiniest little new potatoes. Morning Glory Farm had beets, snap peas and even a few hot house tomatoes. But it was the kids selling at the FARM Institute's WISP program that captured our lettuce dollar.Olivia and Mary here, were able to explain how these middle and high school students had grown, prepared for market and were selling the produce before us. "I planted these radishes," Mary said.When we got home, we spread out our "loot" on the table and got to work making THE best lobster salad.While Glen roasted the tiny new potatoes on the grill, I prepared the beet greens with a little horseradish, onion and mustard. (Joy of Cooking). Our dressing used New England maple syrup, shallots from the garden, some balsamic vinegar and olive oil.(Raising the Salad Bar)

And VOILA. In no time we had put together a salad worthy of kings from ingredients living around us. And last but not least, let's not forget the wild blueberry pie from Little Rock Farm.

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Kim said...

Oh, man, this looks fantastic! Those are pretty much the cutest potatoes I've ever seen, and I've never turned down lobster...I'm coming over.