Tuesday, June 03, 2008

a hobo in the garden

I never know for sure how many of each tomato I will have until they are at last in the ground. I am operating under the assumption that there is no such thing as "too many tomatoes." This year's roster is as follows:

Big Zac- 5
What a surprise this tomato was last year! Not only did it give me THE biggest tomato, but the flavor was outstanding. These are the only tomatoes I grew from seed this year.
Italian Sweet - 7
While they CAN be fussy, with blossom drop and other heirloom maladies, they are to me the quintessential tomato flavor. Longdale Nursery
Better Boy - 8
This is my insurance tomato. No matter what the weather conditions, I always get a full load of tomatoes off of each plant. Longdale Nursery
Boxcar Willie - 4
Is it the name that keeps me coming back year after year? I think it is the size and the flavor. Or maybe I just like the idea of having a hobo in the garden. Walatoola
Giant Belgium- 2
I grew these a few years ago with an eye toward having it give me a contender for the biggest tomato category at the fair. In the end, I took a Boxcar Willie that was bigger. I want to test the taste again. Longdale Nursery
Little Moma- 4
This is a beautiful Roma tomato that forms in big clusters of 5. They are classic looking and took first place in Roma tomatoes last year. Unfortunately, the deer were particularly fond of them during an unexpected midnight rampage, and I cannot remember their flavor. Walatoola
Principe Borghese- 2
These can be fussy at first, but stay with them. I may be on an island, but it is NOT Sicily, and the humidity here is a problem for them. But they are designed for sun drying and can be enjoyed all winter long. Walatoola
Mortgage Lifter- 1
One? Well I have a four pack and no more room left. So I stuck it in the last space I had. It has never done well for me. Maybe it will surprise me this year. Longdale Nursery