Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Annual Seedlings Pilgrimage

This year's trip to Bath County took me to Milmont Nursery in Stuar's Draft, VA. There were ample selections of some of my favorites including Big Zac and Boxcar Willie. But in the end I opted for more reliable types like Better Boy. And last year I did not plant any cherry tomoatoes and quite frankly I missed them. So I put some Sweet 100's into the pile along with some French Sorrrel and some pineapple sage.

Since it rained most of the time during my stay at the Farm we ended up going for lunch at the Greenbriar Hotel. Here are a few of the scenes from inside this remarkably grand hotel.On my return trip home I wended my way through the back roads of Augusta County in search of Joel Salatin's Polyface Farm. The countryside is rolling and the roads get narrower and narrower the deeper in you travel. But through some bit of luck and helpful directions I came upon the sign for Polyface Farm. I clattered about for some time encountering nothing but the animals. Just when I was about to give up on the chance to buy a chicken or two, I spied two of the apprentices. "Hi there. I was beginning to think the animals ran this farm all by themselves" I said. "That's how we like to think it works," replied one of the young men.I was then taken into the room outfitted with various freezers. I bought two chickens and a skirt steak and while they were writing me up I asked about their marketing operation. They have given up on the Farmer's Markets and work through a direct drop arrangement with buying clubs. You place your order online a week in advance and then arrive with your cooler and a check at the appointed drop point on the appointed day.It was a real treat to be on the farm that has served as a compass for so many enlightened farmers.

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Andrea said...

Wow - how cool! Polyface is becoming sort of a mecca. Looks like a beautiful part of the country.