Sunday, April 26, 2009

The potato problem

I over ordered potatoes this year. Somehow I FORGOT that I had ordered from FEDCO ... 2 pounds of Yellow Finns. Then one Sunday morning I found and as if in a trance I ordered pounds more of Bison, German Butter Ball, Adora and more Yellow Finns. And I don't even really LIKE potatoes. I mean they are fun to to harvest, but it is after all a white carb.

So I decided I would relegate the majority of the potatoes to what is becoming the darkest bed in my garden AND I would resurrect the "potato bin." Held together by screws and wing nuts the potato bin is designed to use vertical space to grow this crop. I have had varying degrees of success with it over the years. One year I pulled out over 100 potatoes. Another year, I used soil that was too rich and got hardly any potatoes at all.

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