Sunday, April 05, 2009

Growing Artichokes

I had an excellent germination rate on these "Green Globe Improved" artichokes from Reimer Seeds. These were planted a month ago and just now are showing true leaves. I transplanted them to 4 inch pots and am keeping them in a sunny window.

In past years my artichoke seedlings have succumbed to some kind of wilt, so I was very careful to keep them mostly dry and to let them get their moisture from the bottom of their APS trays. But I think this "improved" variety might also be responsible.

Last year I started two northern climate hardy varieties "Emerald" and "Northern Star". I acquired them from Peter's Seeds which is currently out of the "Northern Star".

Stay tuned for reports on how last year's attempt at over wintering went. Estimated date of arrival at my garden gate .... April 19.

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Anonymous said...

good luck! I am following with great interest to see how artichokes grow in MA!