Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to Fundamentals

Prize winning tomatoes come from enriched soil. While the carousel pumped out a merry tune from the Fair grounds this weekend, I went about the hard work of building new soil for next year's tomatoes. Using fresh manure from a nearby farm (lamb), and grass clippings from my lawn, with a little rock phosphate and Azomite thrown in for good measure, I began layering and "cooking" the raw manure in an open bin.
That was Saturday. Today the compost thermometer registered 140 degrees. When it starts to cool, I will turn the pile into an empty bin and watch it heat up again.


Barry said...


That's pretty darned neat. Is this bin something you put together or is it a kit? I'd love to see how much it compresses.

Glad to see you produced some tomatoes and congrats on your ribbon!


Leslie said...

Yes, Barry I did get and am getting tomatoes. Did a Danny harvest yesterday afternoon and am making sauce today.

I bought two of these bins from Gardener's Supply. Yesterday I turned the pile into the other bin. Then I covered it with plastic ... don;t want any of this rain to leech away the good stuff.