Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Fair

Well despite the terrible case of late blight I was able to grow a Brandywine tomato that was even bigger than LAST year's biggest tomato. Then yesterday morning I spied a family of turkeys in my yard and I thought they MIGHT just want to nibble on it, so I brought it in last night and weighed it.I also decided to harvest the applesThis morning I was up early choosing the yellow beans and the green beans.
Deciding on the garlic.
And when everyone was ready, I lined them up on the stairs for the "class picture."
The Class of 2009

Now it is up to the judges.


Daphne said...

Oh I like how you sling your tomato so it won't fall off. Mine keep falling off before I pick them. Ack!

We have so many turkeys here. My husband keeps thinking now that our dog is gone they will all come and eat my garden, but so far so good.

Leslie said...

I find that using the sling on the heavy ones reduces cracking at the top. And as for the turkeys ... I have not learned to despise them AS MUCH as the deer.