Sunday, March 05, 2006


There ought to be a picture of an amaryllis next to the word anticipation in the dictionary. They seem to take FOREVER to show their glory. But glorious they are. I think I was tricked years ago into thinking these were showy Christmas plants. Make that March for me. I’ve taken to propagating them from side shoot bulbs and have pretty much stopped buying them.

I feed them well all spring and then place them, pots and all, below ground for the summer in bright sunshine. I’ve experimented with taking them out of pots, but they like being pot bound. Around Labor Day I pull them out of the ground, snip their foliage and their roots and put them into the cellar until Thanksgiving to rest. It’s become something of a Thanksgiving ritual to pot them after the bird goes in the oven.

About two years ago I started cutting them during bloom and placing them in vases. They continue to fully bloom in water and I think there’s a little less stress on the bulb that way.

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Judith said...

I once received an Amaryllis as a gift and loved it. Since then I have given them as gifts but not given myself one. I must do so! This one of yours is gorgeous. Thank you for the growing info. I like the Thanksgiving ritual.