Saturday, March 18, 2006

Seed Order

I mailed off my Fedco seed order this morning. I have been wrestling with it because I have to rethink my vegetable garden this year. My husband will be in Paris June through August and this will have implications for the garden, as I will join him for some of that assignment. I need to think of below ground items for this year’s garden. So I have ordered all kinds of carrots. I never do plant enough of them. I will plant no pole beans, no cucumbers, and no corn. I WILL plant tomatoes, but not as many. And I will plant …..TAH DAH …. Sweet potatoes. I found a wonderful ordering site for slips in Tennessee, Steele Plant Company. This may also be the year I try fingerling potatoes.

And then there are the artichokes. I swear, I must be a masochist. Last year I planted a dozen and one survived. And that one never really grew up to be an artichoke. They are very susceptible to damping off, so this year I planted them in very dry starter mix, and I have sprouts … 5 of them. Also I changed the variety this year from Imperial Star to Green Globe. I did so on the advice of a gardener at Monticello. He was quite adamant that there was a significant difference in the two varieties. Artichokes seem to survive as a perennial most years in Charlottesville. I am attempting the same in New England.

So no two years are the same and you can’t always plant what you want. But it’s still fun and an adventure.

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