Saturday, March 04, 2006

American Crafts Council

Last weekend we went up to Baltimore to shop for crafts at the Baltimore ACC Show. Our purchases were mostly vases for flowers.

However, one of our first stops was at the booth of Andrew Van Assche. Andrew is a self taught ceramicist who caught my eye nearly six years ago with a series of tiles and plates he did on carrots. In particular I was charmed by a tile he did of a farmer in the rain (with which you are all familiar).

I love this tile because it speaks to me of the groundedness I feel as a gardener and the oneness (see the number 1 in upper left corner?) I feel with elements when there are things growing in my garden. I like that there are still parsnips and garlic below ground in my garden waiting for my return.

Since then Andrew has moved on to more abstract tiles all of which tell a story. Here is the one I purchased this year.

What story do you see?


Judith said...

Beautiful vases & Andrew's work is fabulous. From what I can see without seeing it in person is--'home'(inner gardener) within a garden. Rows of plants. The boxes represent a window, a door connecting 'home' to garden. The above half, music without the notes (fence?), a stray strand, holding it all together (root). Yeah, I can see why you like his tiles.

Leslie said...

Judith, You're GOOD at this! Thanks for expanding my appreciation.