Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Anticipating the garlic harvest

So enough for the distractions already of parties and cookouts and Judy Collins concerts (yes I saw her from the fourth row of an intimate venue Friday night … she is pure genius), it’s time to talk about garlic and when it should be harvested.

When four of the ten leaves are brown, it is time to get moving.  Each leaf represents a bulb wrapper for the garlic head and the more green leaves, the thicker the wrapper and thus the longer the storage.  This is particularly important for the stiff necked garlic which doesn’t store much beyond New Year’s.  But when you harvest too early, you sacrifice bulb size.

In addition I am watching the local radar because a soaking rain is NOT a good idea right now.  I think we’re pretty sure to get one tomorrow night, so I must be about my business in the next two days.  

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