Wednesday, July 19, 2006

au revoir mon jardin

So farewell garden and hello France. I looked around the garden yesterday with satisfaction and felt as though I had set it up and made it exactly as I had wanted it and planned it. Of course, at about that moment I looked over and realized that the experimental artichoke was no longer in the full sun it needed since the asparagus had ferned out, so I took the scissors to the asparagus ferns and gave them a little haircut. THEN the garden had reached perfection. The tomatoes are humming along nicely, the root crops are living a happy life below ground where it is cool and damp, and the five summer squash I just planted may well have bypassed the moth that lays the eggs for the dreaded squash vine borer.

And then this morning as I did my last walk through, I spied my first morning glory getting ready to unfurl. By the time I returned with the camera, she was in full, morning, glory. I consider it the garden’s way of wishing me well on my journey. I didn’t see my first morning glory last year until August 14 … the morning of the Ag Fair. It was a good omen then, and it is a good omen now.

Thanks to my friend and not so near neighbor, Chris, I am not relying solely on Mother Nature for the water the garden may need in the month ahead. I hope it rewards her and anyone who cares to stop by and water and weed with ripe tomatoes. I hand over my watering wand and head for the ferry.

I expect that I will find things to write about in Paris that lead back to the garden.

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Jenn said...

Wow. A month vacation.
Have a wonderful time!