Monday, July 17, 2006

Gardening Madness

It’s funny what gives you joy when you are a gardener. Right now I am getting the biggest kick out of a compost pile I built the other day. I was inspired by the directions in Charles Wilber’s How to Grow World Record Tomatoes.

My wire bins are full right now, so this is an unenclosed, free standing pile about 3’ x 3’. I began with 3 inches of grass clippings which I wet with a hose. Then I added 2 inches of sheep manure. Next I sprinkled ¼ inch of good soil and over that some Azomite and some colloidal clay. I topped that with 3 more inches of grass clippings and wet with a hose and continued the layering for about 5 layers. I covered it with black plastic after taking its temperature. It was a mere 80 degrees.

The next morning my compost thermometer read 120 degrees and yesterday morning 140 degrees! I suspect it is a bit of gardening madness that has me regretting that I am going to Paris for a month tomorrow instead of being able to stay here and turn my compost pile.


Anonymous said...

Bon voyage, leslie.
I do hope you find Paris beautiful enough not to be pining for your fine, hot compost pile.
Had delicious swim at LCB today. Have a fun fabulous time and mon amour pour vous et le gentilhomme, Hunter.

ElizabethGardens... said...

Wow, Paris, enjoy! Can't wait to hear all about it when you return. Please take photos! elizabeth

Judith said...

Bon voyage, Leslie. Ooooh, I do wish my daughter had continued to live in Paris, I did enjoy visiting her...leave us to contemplate your amazing compost pile while you enjoy Paris! Gosh, you are remarkable with your techniques. I always learn something! Be safe, have fun.