Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Exercising our rights

Thanks to Liz for posting the link to Micahel Pollan's article in the Sunday NYT a few weeks ago. It got me fired up to write to my Senators and Congressman.

Dear Congressman Moran,

I am writing with regard to the Farm Bill which is up for re-authorization this year. I urge you to consider that this is really a FOOD Bill … a Food Bill that encourages the production of the least healthy calories into our nation's food supply.

I vote with my fork …. I go to the Arlington Farmer’s Market every Saturday and give thanks that I have such a resource nearby. But voting with my fork is not enough. I want a Food Bill that is in harmony with my environmental and public health values, not one that continues to make it easier to produce a TWINKIE than a pound of carrots.

I urge you to read Michael Pollan’s piece in the Sunday NY Times, April 22, 2007 titled "You Are What You Grow."

Please, do not trade your support for the Farm Bill lightly this time round. Please, consider it to be a Food Bill, that has implications for the nation's health and its security.

I always feel good when I do exercise this right as a citizen. I know that NOW is not the best time to send such a letter. But I will save it and send it again when the bill is up for a vote. I used to think that the typed or handwritten letter was the one most noticed by staffers, but now I realize that given the mail scares on Capitol Hill, email is the method preferred.

It's easy to do ... and you will feel better.


Christa said...

Thank you for writing this letter. This is such an important issue. I've been meaning to write something about it on my blog, too. In D.C., we do not have a voting member in Congress (can you believe it??!), so I am glad to see others reaching out about this.

Unknown said...

What a great idea! I need to sit down and write a similar letter as well. Thanks for the thought...