Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The first tomatoes are in !

Yesterday I put in the Sweet 100's which had gotten long and gangly. They are being supported by strings hanging down from a bamboo bar. On the opposite side of the garden I put in some Viva Italia paste tomatoes that were gifts from Walatoola. I never have grown paste tomatoes. How can that be?

the gangly transplants

climbing up the string

Then I went to the basement and brought the cast of thousands up for their first taste of fresh air and sunshine. Where will I ever plant all of these tomatoes? Sigh. Tomorrow will be our first day over 70 degrees. Surely they will enjoy this change.

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Anthony said...

Wow, your tomatoes look great! I got mine in the ground last week and spent a few nights worrying about them as temps unexpectedly went down to the low 40ies. I should have waited.