Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Third Spring

As I drove north up the coast I was once again struck by the reversal of seasons. The nearly full leafed trees of northern Virginia diminished to buds by Rhode Island until here in coastal Massachusetts I spy only a winter landscape. Fruit trees and forsythia abound as do daffodils and shadbush.

I must admit to a bit of smug self-satisfaction yesterday. I had carefully prepared beds all fall, so that all I would have to do when I arrived was strip off the straw and plant. Well that is EXACTLY what I did yesterday with 6 Dutch flathead cabbage and 6 Brussels sprouts. It couldn’t have been any easier. And I am pleased to report that the beds abound in happy earthworms …

As a treat yesterday morning for breakfast I broke off the first asparagus spear a bit before its time and pulled up a green garlic and chopped it up to have with my mushroom omelet. Yumm.

My other garden task yesterday was to prepare for the onslaught of the winter moth caterpillars. Last year I was caught unaware to the sad detriment of my fledgling apple orchard. Today I shall spray dormant oil on the tree trunks and branches. And then when the critters start ballooning onto my apple trees, I will attack with Bt. I haven’t made a decision about whether to try to protect other trees on the property. I clearly can’t do it without investing in professional help.

I am pleased to repor that the garlic beds are sporting the greenest lushest foliage I can remember. I am giving all of the credit to the composted lamb manure .

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