Saturday, May 19, 2007

Rain and renovation

After an almost 2 week dry spell, the heavens opened on us yesterday and provided a real soaker. This morning the new rain gauge reads better than 2 ½ inches of rain. (2 and 19/32 inches of rain to be exact). I had fed the roses and the hydrangeas the day before the rain and have felt very good watching the rain soak in to the ground.

Seeds are starting to emerge. I have been succession planting green beans and have a small patch of snap peas. And the Brussels sprouts I put in two weeks ago are beginning to grow.

But there are parts of the garden that are starting to get tired. My asparagus has been growing in the same spot for almost 10 years. I can see signs of age as each year more and more discolored stalks push up and then yellow and dry out. So I am planning to start a new bed this year and would welcome any suggestions on varieties that have done well for you. I’m pretty sure this old bed is ‘Mary Washington.’

Signs of age

I also need to move and replant my herb beds. I haven’t done any fertilizing to speak of in these beds, and I could use the space. So the plan is to move the herbs closer to the house and rejuvenate these beds for other crops.

Eager to get busy … now if it would just stop raining.

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