Friday, September 07, 2007

Beyond Tomatoes

If you were to tiptoe out into my garden early in the morning you might well over hear a conversation among the other vegetables "You know ... she likes the tomatoes best." Well there ARE other things in this garden besides tomatoes.

So first there are the eggplant. They had a devil of a time setting fruit. I fed them some calcium and that (or maybe just time itself) seemed to set them straight. But only one of the three plants had adequate sun ... shaded as they were by ... you guessed it, the tomatoes.
My basil has done better than EVER this year. Usually by mid-August it is woody and bitter. It is still lush and supple. I wonder if planting it next to a row of green beans helped act as a windbreak. And then there are the winter squash. Say hello to the Winter Squash Class of 2007. On the top stair are two Candy Roasters and two Winter Luxury Pumpkins. And on the bottom stair are supposed to be BABY Blue Hubbards except that one of them didn't know he was a baby. Wish I had planted some Butternuts.


Anthony said...

Nice looking basil. I used old basil seeds this year and had terrible results. Never thought I could mess something up as simple and basil. :)

But do you know what would go great with your basil? Some nice juicy tomatoes. :)

orion713 said...

Your basil is impressive~

Carol said...

Tomatoes do rule the vegetable garden, don't they? Everything else just has to get used to being in the shade of the tomato.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Washington Post article in the Home section-"The Making of a Monster"- Sept.6th? Directions for growing giant tomatoes by Adrian Higgins. Also Could be fun to try next season! Brenda

John Eaton said...

Lovely, Leslie.

The art of good food,


Christina said...

Which squash is tastiest? I'm looking for ideas for next year's planting.

Great site you have here! What a resource!