Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tomato Round-up

This year's tomato harvest was the best ever. The problem is, they all ripened at once. The humidity of late July and early August caused a leaf browning and interfered with new blossoms. So I have very few green tomatoes out there to sustain me through September. So I have been experimenting with rejuvenating some of the old plants. I don't expect I will see anything red by first frost, but the project will teach me something about how to manage such a process earlier in the season.

So what varieties worked well this year? I think Little Mama is one I will definitely try again. They produced long plum tomatoes. And I would like try my hand at Principe Borghese even though the plant struggled all season long. And the Costoluto Genovese was a lovely looking tomato.

Costolutto Genovese
Little Mama
The Better Boys are so reliable. They will always have a place in my garden. And the Boxcar Willies were and still are great producers this year. And the 8 or so Italian Sweets I got from my 3 plants were certainly worth it. They are ALWAYS the best tasting tomato in the garden.

Principe Borgheses sun drying


El said...

Pretty pretty pretty! Must try those PBs next year.

We had a flood that did in a few of my favorites this year, too. The one thing I noticed, though, is that those that I severely pruned back in early July are the ones that are still doing well now. So I am wondering if this holds true with your rejuvenation project?

And if you were closer, Leslie, I'd ship you a few of mine...we're swimming in them now! yipes!

Carol said...

'Twas not a great tomato year in my area. I'm getting a few now, but not anything like in previous years. Next year. Next year will be better!

Your tomatoes look delicious by the way.

Leslie said...

El ... if you remember Big Zack, you'll recall I severely pruned it to feed the "monster." Now it is the healthiest plant in the garden. Carol, no one celebrates tomatoes quite as specially as you do. Sorry it wasn't your year for abundance,