Friday, July 11, 2008

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

When I taught school, back a lifetime ago, it seemed like I had just settled in to the rhythm of the school year. I knew what to expect from the kids, they knew what to expect form me ... we were humming along productively growing each day. When all of a sudden the principal said, "It's time to prepare the course catalog for next year." NEXT year? I'm barely starting THIS year !

That came to mind yesterday as I made my annual pilgrimage across the field to the farmer with the sheep to start the process of preparing NEXT year's soil by acquiring some of his lamb manure. I've just now gotten the tomatoes in harness. The zucchinis are finally writing decent topic sentences. And off I go to start NEXT year's soil.Meanwhile, I got inspired to turn my OTHER compost pile ... the one that takes the vegetable scraps. It is never a pleasant thing to turn half decomposed garbage in the hot sun. I added some compost starter to about every 3 inches that I returned to the pile, and then watered it down. Look at that thermometer !!!! It was worth it.

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