Sunday, August 31, 2008

One Local Summer: Week #13

I decided on a real local feast for the grand finale. Early in the season I had purchased a leg of lamb from Mermaid Farm about a half mile away. Alan and Caitlin's sheep graze in various sites in my neighborhood in the spring so I feel like I really know this flock. I boned the lamb, trimmed it of fat and marinated it in some olive oil garlic and rosemary. As I was working with the meat, I thought about how much fuel it takes to move most of the lamb I eat from New Zealand to here, and I was left with the question of WHY a leg of lamb from a half mile away costs twice as much as one from New Zealand. I know some of the answers ... economy of scale, etc. but I decided that the more we invest in these local producers and give them a market they can rely on, the closer they will come to being able to pass savings back to us. Despite these misgivings, I have to say this was one FABULOUS tasting leg of lamb. Must be terroir. TO this I added my own additions. Each August I make a sage potato dish that is just great. I have a little Creuset terrine that is just big enought to make a scant portion ofr two, but any cast iron casserole with a top will do. I drizzle some olive oil on the bottom, sprinkle some sea salt and then press fresh sage leaves into the salt and oil mixture to cover the bottom of the pan. I cut the potatoes in half and press them into the sage and salt and cook at 400 for maybe 35 minutes. Soooooo good.

To the roasted potatoes I added some green beans and grilled zucchini. And VOILA, Week #13.Many thanks to Kim who has been there every week encouraging us along with her wonderful reports of our attempts. I feel like I know more "fellow travelers" here in New England and have a new set of wonderful blogs to follow both nearby and around the country.


Anonymous said...

Leslie Ann,
Visiting your blog leaves me almost as satisfied as visiting you! It truly has become an art form, though, I know this is only a part of your wonderfulness!
Keep it up!

Kim said...

Thanks for the shout out, Leslie! I have enjoyed doing the wrap-ups, but you're right, I'm ready to sit the next one out and enjoy everyone's blogs on my own time.

I've really enjoyed getting to know you and your blog. I'll continue to follow your food adventures!