Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a slice of honey

Of all of my achievements in the garden this summer, I am most proud of these two melons. I brought the seed back from a melon I had in Paris two summers ago called "tranche de miel." Yesterday I picked the two largest and have been agonizing over whether to enter them in the Fair or just eat them. They smelled perfectly ripe, and I was afraid that 5 days in the exhibit hall and I would have 2 over ripe melons. So I opted for flavor instead of glory and had half of the smaller one for breakfast this morningOMG !!!!!!!

The flavor simply explodes inside your mouth. It is almost like drinking a fine wine at the peak of its storage. There is subtlety and after taste and resolved and unresolved sugars. It is pure ambrosia.

Meanwhile, Big Zac continues to ripen on the vine. The countdown to glory continues.


Susan said...

You have sacrificed time to be in our company - in return, you deserve no less than our hopes and prayers for a successful Ag Fair result in your category of choice! Keep us posted - SMS

Barry said...

Excellent work!

Leslie said...

Thanks, Susie and Barry for the encouragement

ellipsisknits said...

Any possibility of getting some seeds from that melon to try ourselves? Your descriptions throughout the year have sounded incredible. I'm glad it grew well for you!