Sunday, June 07, 2009

Learning from Friends

My friend Marianne expanded her garden this year. It is filled with rich composted soil and a large part of it is dedicated to growing pumpkins for the grandkids big pumpkin carving party next fall. The fence is adequately tall to keep out the deer. She is using little collars on all of her tender seedlings to protect from cutworm, she has light row cover on her carrots and her greens, and the tomatoes are toasty cozy in their wall-o-waters.She is going to try to harvest corn from this garden. That is its only flaw in my opinion. Sure she can grow corn. We can all grow corn. She can grow it right up to harvest ... but I guarantee the raccoons are going to use that fence like a ladder once the corn is ripe and human harvest will remain illusive.

But what a miracle to share with grandkids ... who cares if the raccoons get there first.

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