Friday, June 05, 2009


Because I will be gone for a big chunk of July, I have given over more of the garden to root crops this year. This has cut down on the space for tomatoes. Nonetheless, I do have 24 plants in the ground. Here in no particular order:

Better Boy (8) - These plants always are reliable producers.

Costolutto Genovese (4) - These are wonderful looking tomatoes and often produce early fruit
Costolutto Genovese (2007)

Red Brandywine (4) - These are probably the most finicky of the plants I have chosen this year. I hope the calcium I added to their compost will help me avoid blossom drop.

Big Zac (4) - These are taste wonderful and at least two of the plants I will dedicate to producing a "biggest tomato" contestant for the Fair.

Sweet Millions (4) - I didn't grow cherry tomatoes last year, and I MISSED them. THey are already showing fruit.

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