Friday, June 19, 2009

OLS ~ Week #3 Chicken Cacciatore

This week's meal began back in February when I heard by email from our local pasture raised chicken purveyor that he would be raising 5 rounds of chickens this summer. I signed up for a certain number of birds based on what I thought my needs would be on the dates that were set. I also agreed to front a deposit on each bird for start-up costs. I love seeing a new generation of farmers working the land. And I like have local chickens to buy when I can.I left with four birds in a feed sack and a dozen eggs. Then Doug took me out to see the next round of chicks in the field.I also got to see some baby goats.I decided to make a chicken cacciatore with what little else my spring garden could provide. I pulled up some onions, garlic scapes, some young garlic, some rosemary and parsley, and two jars of tomatoes I had canned from last summer's garden.To this I added a side dish of fresh spinach from Morning Glory Farm and the 10 snap peas I could forage from the pea vines. It was scrumptious !!

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