Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The First Tomato

I really didn't mean to grow a Costoluto Genovese this year. But when I was at the local community greenhouse this spring, it "jumped into my hands." And now it is the first red tomato in the garden.
It is lovely to look at even when it is sliced. It has a distinct acidic flavor and I think if I were growing more of them, I might try to make juice from them. One write up I read said that it does well in the fog. Well we've had plenty of THAT lately.

Right now the Better Boys are on a fast track to be the next red tomato. Let the games begin!


Marc said...

Wow - That is a nice first tomato. Most of us have cherry tomatoes or early girls as the first - all small. Your tomato is much larger.

It is interesting looking too. Is it an heirloom?

Mikaela said...

What a cool looking tomato 8-)

carletongardener said...

Great tomato! I'll try to remember the variety. It looks delicious. Its a good year for tomatoes that grow good in the fog! I'm not very close to the coast, but we sure have had a lot of clouds in MA this month. My tomatoes are really late.

Italman said...

congratulations, those are some great looking tomatoes! I recently harvested my first cherry tomatoes, but I'm still waiting for my Saint Pierre variety to ripen.
Enjoy your homegrown!

Anthony said...

If I was lost in a fog, I'd love to find a tomato like that.

orion713 said...

Gorgeous tomatoes!