Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth of July!

I could see my breath out there this morning! But I am not complaining. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous these past two days. The low rumblings of what could be called harvest are starting to appear. The snap peas are just hitting perfection and the super charged zucchini plants are hard at work. There is even a blushing pink Viva Italia tomato out there.

Friends walk into my garden these days and ask, “What are you going to DO with all those tomatoes?” I have 36 plants in the ground. I know that is potentially a lot of tomatoes, but somehow my potential and my actual output when it comes to tomatoes seldom coincide. My honest answer is “I have never had too many tomatoes.” Wouldn’t it be great if THIS were the summer.

There are some mysteries lurking in the garden. WHERE are the Colorado potato beetles? Not only did I not plant potatoes this year, they are thriving in the absence of the hungry critters. Perhaps the Bt we had sprayed on the trees to stave off the winter moth had something to do with it? I know I read in someone’s blog that they are without the CPB this year. Anyone else enjoying their absence?

And then there is the garlic crop. I thought it was impossible to under water garlic in June. It appears, however, that I have done so. They have browned up really fast. And now it is too late I fear. I will start pulling today and see what I see.

I invite you to take a gander at the new home for One Local Summer and see what is happening as LOTS of people explore their local food supplies. Kudos to Liz for the vision. I am enjoying a slow read of Animal, Vegetable,Miracle. I am learning many of the same lessons I learned from Omnivore’s Dilemma last summer but from a different angle.

Happy Fourth!


Liz said...

Not too many potato beetles here this year, either, but tons of cuke beetles. I guess it's always something. ;)

El said...

Happy 4th, Leslie!

I'm CPB-free here too (and a good thing as I will probably harvest 100 lbs of spuds this year). And I am missing squash bugs.

I'm also missing bees, so I'm not really ready to say nothing's wrong this year, it's just dry and hot...

it's also only July, so there is plenty of time yet for the plagues to set in!