Thursday, July 26, 2007

OLS Week #5 – Grilled Striped Bass with Basil, Garlic Butter Sauce, Grilled Zucchini and Green Beans

It is hard to resist striped bass when it is in season. While fishermen are always willing to part with a few extra bluefish or fluke, the striper is held close in the family freezer. So I purchased mine this week, and it was divine. I made a simple butter garlic basil sauce for it. Melt butter on low and add 3 sliced cloves of garlic. While it is warming in the butter bat go out and get about 10 basil leaves and slice them chiffonade style. The basil should be added at the very last minute before pouring the butter sauce over the fish. Yum. To this week’s plate I added fresh green beans and grilled zucchini.

Striped Bass – Local waters

Basil, garlic, zucchini, green beans - Garden

Also this week I came up with a great solution for all the cucumbers that keep pouring in from the garden. Take a vegetable peeler and run it down the length of the cuke. Throw away the first peel, but thereafter you will have long ribbons of cucumber. I wrapped the ribbons and put them in ice water until just before serving. And in the middle I put a small dish of ranch dressing for dipping.

And here I scored the outside of a cuke with a zester and sliced into thick rounds ont each round I placed a dollop of Pam’s Pesto the Ruby and the Green. She sells at the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday and Saturday.


mmw said...
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mmw said...

Leslie, what is the state of the striper fishery? When I last lived in Mass., it was not good. I'm pretty sure Jasper White refused to serve them in the '80s.

Leslie said...

The Striper are back and strong in these waters. This year I think the limit is 28". Perhaps you are thinking of long lined swordfish which many chefs refuse to serve. When I eat sword, I only eat harpooned.

Matron said...

What a brilliant idea! I have oodles of cucumbers at the mo, and I made some fresh pesto just yesterday. Thank you!

Mikaela said...

Love, love, love the cucumber ideas!