Saturday, July 28, 2007

Reaching past the Apex

I see signs that the garden is past its apex. There is some yellowing of tomato leaves and even of the zucchini leaves. The humidity has put a burden on the heirloom tomatoes, and they are starting to get blossom drop. And the once over productive green bean patch is now acting stingy at dinner time.

There is this building momentum all spring that is the garden reaching for the summit. Everyday it looks taller and greener. And then one day when you are too distracted by the weeds to notice, it takes a deep sigh and says "This is as far as I can reach."

But, glory, what it has done. I have Winter Luxury Pumpkins on the vine, huge green tomatoes just showing a hint of red, Candy Roasters and Baby Blue Hubbards still reaching for the stars.
winter luxury pumpkin

signs of a red tomato

Soon weeding fatigue will give way to harvest fatigue. For now it is a delight to look out there and revel in this turning point.

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