Monday, July 09, 2007

OLS Week #3

Fluke = 1/2 mile offshore and snap peas and green beans = garden (0)

I had a brilliant idea today. Why not go crabbing and feature blue crabs as my local meal? Well I was less than successful in my crabbing venture. When I arrived at the Great Pond I could see the crabs walking along the shore and I said OUT LOUD "This is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel." THAT apparently taunted the gods. After catching one female that I threw back, I saw nary a crab for the next 45 minutes.

But I did have a very nice piece of fluke in the freezer that had been caught in local waters by my friend Gordon. Fluke, striped bass, bluefish and bonito are the fish in these waters and Gordon knows the ins and outs of how to catch them all. I have a broken handle of a fishing rod hanging on my wall from the day I caught my biggest bass ever with Gordon. We had so much striper in the freezer that summer, I had to throw it back ... and it was high adventure bringing it in on a broken rod. But I digress.

So the swordfish and salmon that line the cases of the local fish markets here are not local. The sword once was, but now locals have to take off for George's Banks if they are going to find any. We have a few talented harpooners still in our fleet and their story is told in a wonderful documentary called Strikers Passing. Sustainable fishing is a whole other topic that I am not really qualified to write about. But I do like to be vigilant and careful when making choices at the fish market.

So I baked up the flounder in a butter and fresh garlic sauce, and then when it came out of the oven I added fresh basil, marjoram and parsley from the garden to the remaining sauce in the pan and poured it on top. On either side of the fish were snap peas and fresh green beans. All in all a delicious meal once again.


PG said...

Yum, it's nearly lunchtime over here, and I could eat this meal in a few seconds flat, it looks delicious!

Mikaela said...

I love all the greens - beans, peas ans scapes, yumm! :)

Marc said...

Wow that looks great! Sorry, but the crab story made me laugh. If I lived where I could go crabbing, I'd be out there every day!

Sorry to leave this as a comment Leslie, but for some reason my emails to you are getting blocked as spam. To be brief, I run a site called Veggie Garden Info in which I highlight and link to blog posts about vegetable gardening and cooking. I would love to use some of your posts! Please let me know if that would be okay. My email is or you can comment on VeggieGardenInfo.

Thanks and keep up the great gardening, cooking and writing!

El said...


(It's too bad we can't eat the fish out of Lake Michigan: too much mercury. Coho and lake trout. Mmmm.)

I was thinking of you on Tuesday, Leslie, when I pulled the first of the garlic. (Not ready yet.) Have you pulled up any yet?

Faith said...

You're so lucky to be able to count fish and crabs as part of your local eating! In Lancaster county, we're a little too far from the shoreline to be within the 100 mile distance.